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How Much Does HVAC Replacement Cost on Average?

Are you planning to replace your HVAC system? Do you want to know how much you will have to spend? You might need to replace your HVAC unit if it is not offering the desired coolness. You can consider a replacement when the repair cost is more. You will have to spend a bit more on the HVAC replacement. However, if you hire an experienced company such as air conditioner Tulsa, you can get a durable solution. The company is appreciated highly for flawless installations and quality solutions.

When it comes to the installation cost, you will have to spend between $1,600 and $10,000. We will discuss a few factors that you can consider to know how much you will have to spend on your HVAC replacement.

Factors that Will Decide the HVAC Replacement Cost

Your home condition, the location, and the installed HVAC unit are the determining factors. If you have installed an expensive unit, you will have to spend more on the replacement. If your current HVAC unit is affordable, then the replacement cost will be less. You can find the best HVAC replacement solutions from air cooling replacement Tulsa. When it comes to the factors, you can consider the following.

  • Your Home Condition
  • Local Climate Condition
  • Type of the HVAC Unit
  • The Ductwork Condition
  • Installation Costs

Your Home Condition

The cooling and heating ability of your home will decide the type of HVAC unit you need for your home. If your home is energy efficient, you might not need to spend more. Also, you will have to spend more on a large home. A bigger size home will need a large unit to get the required coolness. The same is about energy-efficient windows. When the windows are sealed properly without any cracks, you do not need a highly efficient AC to maintain the desired indoor temperature. Also, your flooring, roof, attics, and foundation can cause insulation.

Local Climate Condition

Your local climate condition will play the key determining role. If you live in a sunny climate, you might need a highly efficient HVAC unit to maintain the coolness inside your home. However, if your local climate is mostly cold, you will not have to spend more on the replacement.

Type of the HVAC Unit

The cost will vary depending on the HVAC unit you want to install in your home. You can reach out to our Dowd Heat & Air to know about the available options. We help our customers with a free consultation. We can help you to choose a suitable HVAC unit for your home. If you spend more on the HVAC unit, you can expect higher energy efficiency levels. Another factor is the unit’s brand. Different brands will have different prices and installation costs. You can get a quality product. A quality product comes with better warranties, a longer lifespan, and smart technologies. However, the upfront cost will be more.

The Ductwork Condition

Do you need to replace your ductwork? Is it working fine? You should have ductwork installed before replacing your HVAC unit. The ductwork will distribute the air from the system throughout the home. Your ductwork might lose its efficiency over time. You might need to replace it while replacing your HVAC unit. It will be an additional cost. You might need to spend anywhere between $1,200 and $4,200 to replace your ductwork.

Installation Costs

You will have to prepare for additional installation costs. The installation costs might not be added to the HVAC estimate. You can talk to the contractor to avoid any confusion. For example, if you live in an old home, they might need to replace the material before the replacement. If the installation requires additional plumbing, removal of the current system, and electrical work, you might need to spend more on it.
Reach out to our air cooling replacement Tulsa to know how much you will have to spend on the HVAC replacement. We offer free consultations. You can talk to our experts to share all your concerns regarding your HVAC replacement. We are just one call away from you!

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