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Should You Have the Air Ducts in Your Home Cleaned?

For many individuals, duct cleaning is one of the best ways for ensuring proper heating and cooling without having to spend money on exorbitant repairs. The process is simple, quick, and extremely efficient if you get it performed by professional HVAC experts. But should you even get your air ducts cleaned in the first place? Do they get dusty? The answers to both these questions are yes, and contrary to the common notion, ducts should be cleaned as a part of your overall HVAC Tulsa maintenance. In the following sections, we will dig deep into duct cleaning, shedding more light on the overall process and benefits.

What Is an Air Duct?

An air duct can be best defined as a pipe that runs along your house for providing forced air transport. The air carried by the ducts can come from right within your home’s air conditioning device or furnace. Alternatively, it can also take external air or exhaust air from your home, outside.

Most ducts are crafted from high-quality fiberglass, metal pieces, and other flexible parts of plastic. Even though they are commonly round, you can also fashion them in different shapes based on how you are installing the ducts in the house.

You can’t usually see ducts on the first go and probably the only places you will find it is around the ceiling or the wall. In some cases, you might even find them in your basement area. Since they are not always in your sight, it is only common to forget about them. However, this exact behavior can lead to many problems.

If individuals do not maintain their HVAC systems over time, the ducts can end up accumulating a range of dust, dirt, and similar impurities. The result? You will be left with a clogged and dirty duct that will compel your heating and cooling units to perform harder, thereby exerting more energy. To make things worse, your heating/cooling unit’s efficiency is also likely to dwindle owing to these dirty ducts. The situation is even more grave if your home has tons of rodent nests and damages from other insects and pests. Other causes of duct damage may be lack of proper maintenance, frequent renovations in your home that affect the efficiency of your existing ducts, ductwork that is not properly sealed, and quality concerns in your adhesives and sealants.

The moment you observe mold, insect, or any other rodent-induced infestation in your HVAC system, you should immediately go for duct or entire HVAC cleaning.

How to clean air ducts?

Very often, homeowners consider cleaning the duct themselves with a long brush or their vacuuming cleaners. This is not always the best idea because the job itself is not of DIY nature. For best results, you should always choose Tulsa HVAC services.

Most air ducts are cleaned by leveraging high-end duct cleaning machines with vacuum and HEPA filters. The process begins with the furthest duct right from your furnace, and the professionals run their brush over the ducts a couple of times. Eventually, the machine is moved through the ducts several times to get rid of every trace of debris and dirt. Finally, the process is completed with a coil and furnace cleaning that further ensures that your home is free from dirt and debris.

How Frequently Should Ducts be Cleaned?

Contrary to common notion, you do not have to clean ducts regularly or once every five to seven years. That is because even though duct cleaning is vital for getting rid of trapped particles that are hindering the performance of your HVAC unit, this issue should not persist every couple of years. Remember, most HVAC maintenance does not come with a duct cleaning plan. In case you have sealed your ducts and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines while changing the filters, you needn’t worry about this issue in the first place. You can also go without duct cleaning if your floor registers are vacuumed twice or thrice a year.

So, when exactly do you need duct cleaning? Typically, duct cleaning should be immediately followed if you recently remodeled or revamped your home. However, the moment your ducts are fully clean you can be assured of getting right back on your track. The result? You won’t have to spend time duct cleaning anymore.

If you follow a couple of simple maintenance guidelines, your ducts perform fine and you get to enjoy the best from your HVAC system. Since this also prevents expensive repairs, it is always a good idea to check your ducts periodically and get them cleaned as needed.

When to Consult an Expert for Your Air Ducts?

Since duct cleaning isn’t one of those tasks you master at home, it is always

a better idea to get a certified professional. While you should certainly maintain the device well, invest in a quality purification unit, install a high-end filtration system, and make sure your duct is well-sealed at all times- it is also important to get the unit checked by a professional. So, if you are really looking to clean your home and ensure the full efficiency of your HVAC units, consult Tulsa HVAC services for a quick and thorough checkup. With several years of experience, these professionals have just the right equipment to clean your ducts. So, get in touch with them today for a clean duct and a cleaner home!

Bottom Line

Well, now that you know everything about duct cleaning and its importance, call the right HVAC Tulsa expert, right away. These professionals will come to visit your home, examine your ducts, and offer a complete and thorough duct maintenance service. Duct cleaning should be a part of your otherwise logical maintenance activities and periodical cleaning will only amplify the efficiency of your heating and cooling equipment. Consult the certified Tulsa HVAC experts to ensure that your heating and air condition ducts are in the best of their health and you get to enjoy the very best performance from them. So, wait no further and give these experts a call for clean, fresh, and well-maintained ducts that will last you several years to come.

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