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When Should I Replace My Air Conditioner?

Is your house in Tulsa having a defective air conditioner? If that’s the case, consider replacing it. Tulsa is one of the communities in the U.S. with the most prestigious houses, primarily due to their art deco design.

As a homeowner, it’s embarrassing to live in a beautiful house whose aircon doesn’t match its looks. Aircons work to a lesser or greater extent so long as they turn on. So when do you replace them? Find out with this article.


Is Replacement Better Than Repair?

Energy Star regulatory board recommends people replace their air conditioners or heat pumps every 10 years. This isn’t some kind of marketing propaganda to encourage people to continuously buy. Aircon replacement allows you to enjoy the following perks such as:

  • cheaper electricity bills
  • better reliability in terms of cooling performance
  • makes your house safer to live in
  • less noise
  • better aesthetics
  • cut costs for repairs

With that being said, replacement is better than repair. But this is only the case if you have the money to buy a new one. However, if you don’t have an extra budget for home appliances, don’t push it then. Consider getting your aircon repaired and use it until you save enough money to get a new one.

In connection, an aircon only has to be repaired three times maximum. It should also be that the repair allows the aircon to be useful for at least three years. Here’s when repairing an aircon becomes viable:

  • the aircon’s warranty isn’t void yet
  • the aircon’s age didn’t exceed 10 years
  • the defective part is cheap to replace or service (e.g cracked air filters and grounded circuit board)

Once the aircon only works well for 4-6 months after repair, think hard about getting it repaired once again. Recognize that accumulated costs for repair might be enough for you to get a new one if you didn’t get aircon repair service at first hand.


When To Replace An Aircon? (It depends On What Type You Have Installed)

There are numerous types of aircon. The issues that they display are unique to their design. For this reason, allow us to tell you when to get air conditioning replacement according to the different types of aircon that your house is installed with right now.


When To Replace Central AC?

Decide to replace your central AC if it’s still using R22 refrigerant. R22 refrigerant has been discontinued and strictly regulated by the authorities since it has adverse effects on the environment. And since it has been discontinued, a refill of this refrigerant is hard to find and downright expensive.

Is the Central AC’s outdoor unit shaking? Is water dripping from it? These are signs of replacement if your answer to the questions is yes. The malfunction of the start capacitor and the compressor is what causes shaking. Normally, these two always happen together, and repairing them is expensive.

Water that drips from the AC’s outdoor unit means that there’s a leak. Leaking is easy to repair. But once a pool of water is present on where the aircon stands, leaking might have occurred on numerous components like the tubes, the compressor, and condenser coil.


When To Replace An Inverter AC?

If your inverter AC fails to turn itself on or off, consider getting it replaced. A primary cause of this issue is a defect in its microcontroller and IGBT modules. Understand that once its automatic on/off function is compromised, an inverter AC isn’t able to maintain optimal room temperature on its own.

Manufacturers invented an inverter AC to help consumers save energy bills. Its average consumption is 4.83 kilowatt-hour per day and lower than the average consumption of conventional aircon, which is at 9.51 kilowatt-hour per day, according to Air Conditioning Systems.

If you discover that the inverter AC is the culprit as to why your energy house’s energy consumption has been higher in the last few months, get it replaced. It’s better to spend a hefty amount of money on a new aircon unit than to pay expensive monthly electric bills.


When To Replace Window Type AC?

Replace your window-type AC once it starts to make unbearable noise. Window-type AC’s are installed in rooms. After becoming loud, a window-type AC easily drowns the room with its noise and makes it hard for you to sleep soundly.

How loud is too loud anyway? Dispose of the window-type aircon once it starts to sound like a running blender or garbage disposal.



Don’t know what type of aircon to pick next for an upgrade? Our air conditioning Tulsa company is willing to give you an idea about the best options. Call now and let’s talk!

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