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Top 5 HVAC Tips for Saving Money this Summer

There are so many different tips that people will say to save money when it is time to use your HVAC system. The problem is knowing what tips are real and what ones are not. These are five of the tips that have been proven to help with saving money during the warmer months.


Tip 1: Leave the HVAC running when no one is home


One of the most important things you can do to help save yourself money during the warmer months is to leave your HVAC running, even when you are leaving the house. A lot of people think it is a waste of money to run the HVAC when no one is home, but this has been proven incorrect. When someone comes home to a hot house after being gone all day, the first thing they do is crank on the HVAC, which then has to struggle to quickly get the temperature back down to where the person wants it to be. This has been proven to be a large waste of energy, which in turn means a large waste of money, so leave the HVAC running when no one is home.


Tip 2: Set the thermostat around 78 degrees

A lot of people want to have their thermostat set at a temperature that is most comfortable for them, but it is recommended that the thermostat should be set around 78 degrees. It has been proven that this temperature will help to regulate the temperature throughout the whole house a lot better. Most temperatures may feel better to certain people, but they tend to create these pockets of hot air and cold air. This is created by the air not being able to spread out and even out as well when there is such a drastic difference. For example, the area around doors and windows will tend to be warmer because of the air coming in from outside while the air by the HVAC vents will be a lot cooler.


Tip 3: Close up the cracks in one’s house


This is a tip that everyone should follow because it will save so much money not only in the warmer months but also in the colder months, and this tip is all about closing up cracks in one’s house. The smallest of cracks can let in air and also let out air, making it harder to regulate the air inside. It can be as simple as replacing old windows no longer sitting on track right, but animals, as well as the weather, can cause small cracks to form along with the house that lets in and lets out air. These cracks can also let pests into the house, which causes a whole new problem. If there is hot air coming into the home, the HVAC must work harder.


Tip 4: Install a ceiling fan

This tip can be a harder one for many people to utilize because ceiling fans have been growing out of popularity when it comes to designing one home, but they can be a huge help for keeping cool. Yes, they do not help any when it is hot outside, but when it starts to cool off outside but is still too warm for comfort, a ceiling fan makes more sense to use than to keep the HVAC running. A ceiling fan can take the cold air that is still within the home and circulate it around to keep everyone cool and comfortable without the HVAC having to do as much if any work. They are also great at pushing air around in a way that an HVAC system cannot manage on its own.


Tip 5: Have a properly running HVAC system


By far the most important tip that can be given for saving money during the warmer seasons is to have a properly running HVAC system, which means having it maintained regularly. If the system is getting old or running off slightly, it would be wasting resources trying to run harder than it has to, which wastes money. The older the system gets, the more important it is to keep the maintenance on it up, and it may be time to replace it with a more efficient model, which would save more money in the long run. A lot of technicians can check on a system quickly and efficiently that will not disrupt a person’s day too much, and our technicians can easily quote a price to fix any problems that may be found. Call us today to get more information or for Tulsa HVAC service, and we will answer any questions you may have.


Abby Dowd

Abby Dowd

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