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HVAC Maintenance Tips


Your HVAC system is critical for the overall comfort of your home. However, for the system to work optimally, it must be maintained properly. The importance of HVAC maintenance is well documented. Besides enjoying lower energy bills, you stand to improve indoor air quality, boost indoor comfort levels and reduce safety risks like fire. So, how do you maintain your HVAC system properly? What HVAC service tips should you consider?


Don’t Skip HVAC Service

HVAC systems should be maintained annually. Major parts/components should be checked yearly. Check your air conditioner every spring and heating system/furnace every fall to ensure everything is working as it should when needed. Skipping maintenance increases the risk of malfunctions and attracts other problems like additional costs.


Watch for Abnormal Sounds and Poor Performance

While there are several signs to watch out for, HVAC malfunctions are usually depicted as abnormal thumping, grinding, rattling, or buzzing within the system. The HVAC system can also have weak airflow as well as fluctuating heating and cooling.


Replace the Air Filter


You can forget to change everything else in your HVAC system. However, don’t forget to change the air filter. HVAC air filters should be checked every one to three months and replaced if they are dirty or clogged. The frequency of replacement is also dictated by the no. occupants in the house, the presence of pets, and other factors like weather conditions. Homes with pets should get Tulsa HVAC service more regularly for obvious reasons.


Don’t Forget the Vents and Ductwork

Maintenance shouldn’t concentrate on the HVAC system itself. Vents accumulate dust and debris over time, interfering with airflow and compromising air quality. Ductwork can also accumulate debris and hinder proper airflow. Leaks can also develop on ductwork. You shouldn’t just change filters. The vents and ductwork need to be checked as well.


Clean the HVAC Condenser & Heat Pump


HVAC heat pumps and condensers also need cleaning to reduce the risk of damaging internal components. There should be zero dirt and debris on the sides and top of HVAC heat pumps, as this may force the system to overwork. The condenser should also be checked regularly to reduce the risk of breaking down.


Monitor Your Electricity Bill

A higher electricity bill can also be a sign of an HVAC that is malfunctioning. If you notice a gradual or sudden increase in your energy consumption when your usage hasn’t changed, your HVAC system may be to blame. A dirty filter, low refrigerant level, and duct leaks will all hike your energy consumption.


Consider Installing a New HVAC Unit


In some cases, it doesn’t make financial sense to keep maintaining your unit. For instance, a unit that is decades old will probably need replacement over regular service. To decide whether to replace or buy a new unit, talk to the best Tulsa HVAC company.

If you follow the above HVAC maintenance tips, you are bound to enjoy the benefits of HVAC maintenance mentioned above. The information shared above is about ensuring you “catch” HVAC problems before they become inconveniencing, costly, or a health hazard.

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