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How Do We Make Your Air Conditioning System Cooler?

Your air conditioning system can really add up to the total cost of your electric bills. That’s why you should squeeze its performance for every ounce of electricity that it consumes.

Many households opt to change their air conditioning system the moment its performance drops. Replacement is a good option but not highly advised. It is because, with simple maintenance, your air conditioning system will blow cold air as if it is brand new.

Our company specializes in air conditioners. So how do we make your air conditioning system cooler? Find out in this article.


Overall Cleanup – A Simple Method That Works All The Time


As an air conditioning system works, fine particles that come from cars, stoves, and other sources of dust and smoke stick on the inner components of the aircon like the filter, tubes, and condenser.

As they continue to stick, fine particles will form a thin film that encapsulates the inner components of the aircon mentioned previously. This thin film causes the airflow of the aircon to be restricted.

Restriction of airflow causes the cooling performance of the aircon to drop as it cannot blow air well. This also affects how the condenser picks off heat from the surrounding air.

Cleaning is one of the easiest and fastest ways for us to make your air conditioning system cooler. We do this by cleaning each component individually and look for signs of possible damage.

If cleaning does not solve the issue, we might have to replace the existing components of your air conditioning system. To decide whether it is better to replace or get a new air conditioning system installed, think about how old the aircon is, how available is the replacement for its parts, and how much electricity it consumes.


Refrigerant Top Up – Often Overlooked

All aircon has a refrigerant. It contacts indoor air that the air conditioning system takes in and makes it cooler. Refrigerants have different types and each type is suitable for a particular aircon brand or unit manufactured on a particular date.

Another reason why your aircon is not excellent at blowing cold air anymore is that its refrigerant levels have significantly dropped. This is the likely reason if your aircon is an old model. However, if the aircon has started to run out of refrigerant despite being brand new, time to contact experts like us.

Refilling your air conditioning system’s refrigerant does not take long. Well, not that long if the air conditioning system is not leaking. However, if technicians detect a leak, the air conditioning system will have to be fixed before refilling the refrigerant.


Leaking Tubes That Run Around The House

Tubes that comprise the air conditioning system might have leaks too. When this happens, delivery of air to the rooms of the house is not efficient. This makes it feel like the air conditioning system does not work as well as before.

If this is the case, we have two ways to make your air conditioning system colder. The first is we can locate the leaks and patch them up. Of course, this solution won’t endure for long since leaking can happen once again after a year.

The second method is to replace the leaking tubes. This takes a bit of money but is trusty nevertheless. Through replacement, leaking cannot happen for several years. Also, air quality is better too.


Air Conditioning System Unit Placement


The central unit that comprises the central air conditioning, when placed at the wrong place, might not provide cold air efficiently. We, seasoned experts, place the central unit away from the sun and in a location where it can suck air well.

With that said, one reason why your air conditioning system is not working well is that its placement might have to be corrected. Why does wrong placement happen anyway? This is a result of working with inexperienced contractors.



If your air conditioning system is not that efficient anymore, call experts because they can provide the appropriate solution.

We offer Tulsa air cooling replacement. Also, we are air cooling contractors that aim to make your air conditioning get back on its feet once again. With us, rest assured that we will do all we can to find the cheapest and most trusty solution for your aircon problems.

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