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Important Questions to Ask Your HVAC Contractor Before Hiring Them

by | Nov 15, 2021 | blog, HVAC Services Tulsa


The North American HVAC industry is a $127.4 billion industry. It’s, therefore, understandable why there are many bad players trying to cash in. Considering HVAC services are essential services, how do you identify the best HVAC contractors in Tulsa from the rest? In your search for the best HVAC professionals, you’ll need to conduct interviews before making a final decision. We’ve gathered some important questions below that will make your search easier.


Question 1: Do You Do Manual J Load Calculations?

The best HVAC contractors in Tulsa won’t take any chances. A manual J load calculation determines the exact amount of heat and cold air required to maintain a comfortable interior environment. The calculation is usually complex and requires true professionals with technical HVAC knowledge.

Many homes have wrong-sized HVAC systems. If the HVAC contractor doesn’t do manual J load calculations and focuses on the specs of old HVAC systems, avoid them. They are likely to install a system that isn’t properly sized, resulting in discomfort and high energy consumption.


Question 2: Do You Have a Maintenance Program?

Experienced Contractor doing HVAC Maintenance

To ensure your HVAC system functions optimally at all times, you need a contractor with a maintenance program. HVAC contractors shouldn’t just install and disappear. Routine maintenance is important for many reasons. According to research, well-maintained HVAC systems save energy and break down less often. What’s more, if they are true experts who do a good job, they shouldn’t fear doing regular maintenance.


Question 3: What Does the HVAC Guarantee Include?

You can get the best HVAC system with an impressive warranty; however, you should purposely know exactly what is covered in the guarantee. The best HVAC contractor who installs high-quality systems doesn’t have a problem offering lengthy and comprehensive warranties that last at least a year. In case of manufacturer defects, installation errors, or other common HVAC problems, you should be able to get your system repaired for free or get a new system installed at ZERO cost.


Question 4: What Experience, Certifications, Licenses, and Insurance Cover/s Do You Have?

Certified, Licensed, and Insured HVAC Contractor

Experience is an obvious requirement that may be overlooked. Don’t work with inexperienced HVAC contractors in Tulsa. HVAC services come with risks and complexities that can only be addressed adequately by an experienced contractor. Look for years of experience alongside important certifications like a valid NATE and EPA certificate as such certifications show the highest competence levels in the HVAC industry.

What’s more, the best HVAC contractors won’t have a problem showing their licenses because they have valid ones. Before hiring, confirm the validity of the license. Your ideal contractor should also have the right insurance cover (liability insurance) that covers any eventualities when installing and maintaining the system. Insurance coverage should also be confirmed.


Question 5: Can You Provide Me with Some References?

Lastly, ask to see some references. The best HVAC contractor in Tulsa will be glad to share multiple references because they trust their workmanship. Before you decide which contractor to hire, call past customers and find out if the contractor is as good as they claim. You can also check their reviews online. While the best companies still have disgruntled customers, focus on contractors that have overwhelmingly positive reviews.

There you go! Ask the above questions to your potential HVAC contractor to identify the best from the rest. While there may be other information to consider, the above questions are bound to lead you on the right path.

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