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Tips On How To Make Your Home Warmer During This Cold Winter

Oklahoma temperatures can be on the mild side, but you still need some warmth to keep your home cozy. 

Running your heat is an easy solution, but it’s also a costly one. Turning on your HVAC’s heat all night or throughout the day can cause your energy bill to skyrocket; paying hundreds of extra dollars is no one’s cup of tea, especially when all they’re trying to do is stay comfy! 

You don’t have to choose between your budget and a comfortable home. These tips will help you keep your house warmer all winter while saving money on heating costs.


Weatherstrip Windows and Doors

Weatherstripping kits seal any cracks and holes that allow heat to rapidly escape; they also stop any chilly air from seeping indoors. You can buy affordable weatherstripping kits at any home improvement store, and they take less than 30 minutes to install. 

In a pinch, you can also roll up towels and place them under doors and along window sills. These will help increase insulation while stopping drafts in their steps.


Apply Energy-efficient Window Treatments

Replacing your windows every 10 to 15 years can improve your home's indoor temperature, but paying for new windows isn't necessary to increase your comfort now. Look for solar shades and plastic films that decrease heat loss. These are easy to install yourself, and they provide added value to your property. 


There’s another benefit to treating your windows this winter; the treatments you install will also help your house stay cooler when it’s time to switch back to AC.


Use a Smart Thermostat


Smart thermostats save you energy and money by connecting with your HVAC. 

You can program the thermostat to run at a certain time of day, like when you leave for work or come home. It can also adjust to your schedule and shut off the heat when you’re away; you can then activate it remotely, so you always come home to a warm house. 

Another benefit of smart thermostats is the ability to track your household’s regular consumption. No more second-guessing how long the heat’s been on or being flabbergasted by your energy bill.


Have Your HVAC System Tuned Up


Before you switch to heat, call in a professional to optimize your system. Because Oklahoma residents tend to use their air conditioning longer throughout the year, their systems may face more of a strain. This can show through during the winter as you turn on the heater and begin to experience much higher bills. 

Regular HVAC tune-ups save you money and prolong the life of your entire system. They’re also an easy way to diagnose any potential issues and make affordable repairs before they get out of hand.


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