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5 Reasons Why You Need To Maintain Your Heating System

You need a furnace or heating system to keep your home warm during cold weather. However, having a furnace is the first step. Research shows that most furnaces aren’t operating optimally. Your furnace needs to stay in perfect working condition throughout. If you’re wondering why you need Tulsa furnace repair or other furnace maintenance-related services when your furnace appears to be working fine, here are the top reasons.


1. Improved Indoor Comfort

In many instances, a furnace may appear to be working normally when it isn’t. Furnaces are supposed to maintain indoor temperature at certain pre-set levels. If the indoor temperature keeps fluctuating, the comfort levels will be compromised. It can be very uncomfortable being subject to spells of low and/or high heat. Maintaining your heating system regularly ensures parts like the thermostat are working properly. This, in turn, avoids temperature fluctuations and increases indoor comfort levels.


2. Better Air Quality

Furnaces have air filters that become dirty or clogged over time. If the air filter isn’t changed, this dirt will find its way into your home. Clogged air filters make furnaces work harder, pushing dirt stuck in filters into air vents. Ultimately, the indoor air quality will be compromised. In many cases, dirty air filters can expose your family to respiratory health problems. There are studies proving the effectiveness of clean air filters in preventing respiratory health problems.


3. Lower Energy Bill

You also need to maintain your heating system to lower your energy bill. If you’ve noticed higher electricity bills with little to no apparent changes in consumption (i.e., you don’t have new appliances), your furnace could be to blame. Research studies have proven the cost benefits of HVAC maintenance.

Clogged air filters force your heating system to overwork and consume more power than necessary. A faulty thermostat also creates an inconsistent and uncomfortable indoor environment creating the need to keep the heating system running longer. Tulsa furnace repair or maintenance services could be the only thing stopping you from enjoying significant energy savings.


4. Longer Furnace Lifespan

Like most machines, regular maintenance will increase the lifespan of your furnace. It is a costly affair to repair your furnace all the time. Well-maintained parts like filters and thermostats ensure the system is working optimally at all times. A furnace that takes decades to break down will save you money.


5. Lower Safety Risks

You are also bound to reduce hazards like fire when you maintain your furnace regularly. An overworking heating system can malfunction and cause a fire. Faulty valves, thermostats, and/or electrical connections can cause unsafe working operations. Lack of proper lubrication, leaking oil, a malfunctioning heat exchanger, etc., can also increase friction or create other conditions that cause a fire.

The above reasons capture the importance of maintaining your heating system. While regular maintenance can seem unnecessary, it will reduce safety risks, improve your indoor comfort, improve indoor air quality, lengthen the life of your furnace and save you money. Get the best Tulsa HVAC repair and maintenance services NOW!

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